Ginkgo / Maidenhair

Ginkgo trees are living fossils that add an enchanting charm to gardens. Discover their unique fan-shaped leaves, cultural significance spanning millennia, and their role as living relics of ancient times.

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Extremely adaptable and long-lived, Ginkgo / Maidenhair tree / Ginkgo biloba / Japanese silver apricot / Fossil tree is one of the oldest living species of tree. Its versatility, disease and pest resistance, and ability to endure environmental hardships are widely known. Possessing a strong stem and root system, Gingkos are durable and easy to maintain, offering many choices of sizes and shapes from which to choose. Sizes range from 2 feet in height to those that reach 50-75 feet. And Ginkgo offers an extra season of beauty with the leaves turning from green to yellow in fall before dropping.

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