Garden Giant King Stropharia Mushroom

Garden Giant King Stropharia Mushroom

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Landscape Beneficial | Sawdust Spawn
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Key Characteristics
Sun / Shade


Moisture Level

Moist, well-drained

Description / Garden Giant King Stropharia Mushroom

Perfect for beginners, garden giant mushrooms are easy to grow, quickly colonizing wood chips, and easy to identify, as it looks like nothing else. The mushroom has the taste of potatoes cooked in a mild red wine sauce and the texture of asparagus. It's best sautéed lightly in a little salted butter or made into a healthful extract. Making an extract is easy. Check out the simple instructions below to learn how.

It grows in fresh hardwood chip beds or hardwood mulch outdoors and pasteurized straw indoors. It fruits at temperatures between 55 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit, fruiting lightly in spring and heavily in fall.

A landscape beneficial mushroom, it not only produces water, increasing water in the soil, but also releases a compound called octanol which attracts earthworms that aerate and fertilize the soil. Predatory on coliform bacteria, it mulches the floors of livestock pens and chicken runs. It's the perfect mushroom for gardening and permaculture projects but also grows well indoors on pasteurized straw encased with soil.

This 5 lb. bag of sawdust spawn contains sterilized sawdust colonized by garden giant (king stropharia) mushroom mycelium, which feeds on the sawdust until it is ready to be spread on a new substrate (fresh hardwood chips or mulch commonly used for landscaping in gardens and on pathways or trails) from which the mushrooms will later fruit. The mushroom fruits for up to two years and creates a beautiful, rich soil after it decomposes the wood chips, perfect for soil building and gardens. One bag of sawdust spawn inoculates around 100 linear feet or 30 to 40 logs, depending on the size of the logs and distance between your holes.

Some mushrooms are poisonous, so it's always important to know your mushrooms. An easy way to identify any mushroom is by creating a spore print, so we have provided instructions below.

*Full instructions are included*

These mushrooms are Certified Organic, GLOBAL G.A.P, USDA Organic, Certified South Carolina, and Certified Appalachian Grown™ products.

Product Details

Genus Stropharia
Species rugoso-annulata
Product Classification Fruit
Sun / Shade Shade
Harvest Season Early Fall, Mid Fall, Mid Spring
Special Features Easy Care Plants, Edible
Uses Cuisine
State Shipping Restrictions AK, GU, HI, PR, VI
Shipping Method Restrictions expressShipping
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