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If you're looking for a place to start seeds, need to provide winter protection for certain precious plants, or simply want a nice area out of the weather in which to pot seedlings, consider our various gardening structures. From greenhouses to coldframes, we have whatever structure you need to improve your garden or provide yourself comfort and ease. Each of these products is of high-quality and sure to bring you many seasons of gardening pleasure!

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  • The Plant Inn Coldframe and Shed
    Heavy-Duty Aluminum $439.95
  • Nature Greenhouse 6' x 6' Silver
    Double-Walled Polycarbonate $599.00
  • Nature Greenhouse 6' x 8' Silver
    Double-Walled Polycarbonate $659.00
  • Essence Hobby Greenhouse
    96 sq ft Dual Polycarbonate $1449.00
  • Americana Hybrid Greenhouse
    12x8 $3199.00
  • Shelf Kit for Greenhouses (2 shelves)
    2 ft. $64.99
  • Shade Kit for Hobby Greenhouse
    Cloth and Fasteners $59.99
  • Automatic Vent Kit for Greenhouses
    16-Inch $69.99
  • Venting Coldframe
    Accessories As Low As $114.99
Viewing 1 - 9