Humm Blossom Hummingbird Feeder

Your Hummers Will Dine Like Royalty
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MADE in USA and guaranteed for a lifetime.

Convenient and lovely, this delightful Humm Blossom Hummingbird Feeder is sure to draw in hummers by the dozens with its plum purple rim and clear bowl that show just how much nectar is left. Not only will it only take a glance to know if you need to refill, but hummingbirds will be drawn to the glimmer of the sweet liquid as well. This Humm Blossom Hummingbird Feeder offers 3 flower shaped ports so even the most territorial birdies can sip in peace. Hummingbirds find this feeder so comfy that it isn't uncommon to see a few resting on its rim. A rare treat.

There is a very real possibility that this Humm Blossom Hummingbird Feeder will bring in even more hummers than you're used to, so we recommend stocking up on a few of these feeders to disperse throughout your yard to support your burgeoning hummer population.

This sturdy feeder is weather resistant and made of durable polycarbonate that will last countless seasons. Holds 4 ounces of nectar.


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