Hydrangea Incrediball® Blush Smooth Hydrangea

Hydrangea Incrediball® Blush Smooth Hydrangea
Hydrangea Incrediball® Blush Smooth Hydrangea

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Enormous mopheads with unique silvery-pink color
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Key Characteristics

3 - 8

Mature Height

5 Feet

Mature Width

5 Feet

Sun / Shade

Full Sun, Part Shade

Moisture Level

Moist, well-drained

Soil Type

Normal, loamy, Clay

Description / Hydrangea Incrediball® Blush Smooth Hydrangea

Proven Winners® ColorChoice® Flowering Shrubs presents the Hydrangea Incrediball Blush, a remarkable variety that retains all the cherished characteristics of the original Incrediball®. This hydrangea, scientifically known as Hydrangea arborescens 'NCHA4', showcases enormous mophead flowers, comparable in size to basketballs, that bloom in a distinctive silvery-pink hue. These blooms gracefully evolve into a deeper pink as they mature and transition to a jade green by the season's end. The Incrediball Blush Hydrangea, blooming on new wood, ensures a continuous display of fresh flowers through autumn, with the added benefit of dried blooms that enhance indoor arrangements for an extended period.

Renowned for its resilience and stunning beauty, Hydrangea Incrediball Blush thrives as a native plant to North America, specifically the United States. It boasts a robust, triploid structure with a compact, upright, and rounded form that spreads elegantly. Its blooms, supported by tall, sturdy stems, remain unyielded by heavy rainfall, ensuring a reliable and vibrant display year after year, even following the harshest winters. Ideal for beds, borders, or as a standout with mass plantings, this shrub, reaching heights and widths of 4 to 5 feet, is an exquisite addition to any space, whether in your garden or as part of your indoor d├ęcor.

This cold-hardy and easy-to-care-for hydrangea thrives in sunny to partially shaded areas, preferring moist, well-draining soil. It's noteworthy for its salt tolerance and rabbit resistance, making it a practical choice for various garden settings. Pruning in late winter or early spring is recommended to maintain its shape and promote healthy growth.

The Hydrangea Incrediball Blush's native status underscores its environmental benefits. Adapted to the regional climate and soil, it flourishes without the need for constant fertilization or watering, post-establishment. Its presence supports biodiversity, offering shelter and nourishment to local wildlife and pollinators, thereby enhancing the ecological balance of your garden.

Incorporating granular fertilizer formulated for flowering shrubs can enrich the soil and support the vibrant growth of pink flowers, ensuring your Hydrangea Incrediball Blush remains a stunning feature in your garden. As new growth begins to emerge on the stems, the application of rose fertilizer can further enhance its blooming potential, making it a magnificent spectacle in any landscape.

Discover tips to ensure your hydrangeas thrive, from soil preparation to pruning techniques, by following our expert advice on the Hydrangea Planting and General Care Guide and the How to Prune Hydrangea Plants blog.

Product Details

Genus Hydrangea
Species arborescens
Variety 'NCHA4'
Plant Patent PP28280
Product Classification Shrubs
Habit Upright
USDA Zone Low 3
USDA Zone High 8
Sun / Shade Full Sun, Part Shade
Bloom Color Green, Pink
Bloom Season Start Mid Summer
Bloom Season End Mid Fall
Foliage Color Medium Green
Resistance Cold Hardy
Special Features Easy Care Plants, Fall Color, Flower
Uses Beds, Border, Cut Flowers, Fall Color, Specimen
Zone 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

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