Hydrangea Tuxedo® Red

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Did you ever think the foliage of the Hydrangea Tuxedo® Red could be just as much of a feature in the garden as its showy clusters of brilliantly colored florets?

Well, the blooms on Hydrangea Tuxedo® Red are so lush and large they do almost completely hide the unique foliage on this plant, and the crimson red florets are quite impressive and do last a very long time—over a month—but once they've gone for the season, this show isn't over.

Although the foliage of hydrangeas always adds a lovely texture to the garden, the fancy foliage on this mounded bush also adds unexpected color. The serrated dark purple leaves have bright green veining and are flushed in black. In fact, in some lights, they appear almost black.

This plant is highly adaptable and can be used in many ways. It can be planted in a container and kept indoors as a houseplant while in bloom and then transferred directly into the garden if you choose. It can be planted in mass for a cutting garden or for a bold border. It's also tough enough to thrive in high traffic areas, and its compact, 3' x 3', habit allows it to be grown in windy spots, unlike lankier varieties.

And if you decide you're feeling adventurous, just add a soil acidifier to eventually turn the flowers purple or blue. Just imagine purple or blue blooms against black foliage—simply stunning.