How to Adjust Hydrangea Color

pink, blue, and purple hydrangea blooms on bush
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How to Adjust Hydrangea Color

Did You Know You Can Change the Color of Pink and Blue Hydrangeas

The methods used to change the color really illustrate the importance of knowing your garden soil profile and having the proper organic matter and nutrients for your garden plants. 

Hydrangeas may produce pink, blue, or lavender blooms, depending on where it’s planted and how it’s fed. The presence of aluminum in the plant ultimately determines the color, and pH affects the uptake of aluminum. Alkaline soils, pH of 6.0 or more, are more likely to produce pink blooms, and more acidic soils, pH 4.5 to 5.5, produce blue flowers.

Pink hydrangeas can be turned blue by applying aluminum sulfate to lower the pH and add aluminum to the soil. Applying lime to raise the pH level will help blue hydrangeas turn pink. If your soil naturally produces very blue or very pink hydrangea flowers, you may need to grow your hydrangeas in containers or raised beds to achieve the desired color. If you do attempt to change the color of your blooms by adding these minerals, dilute them well, and add sparingly. It is very easy to scorch your plants by adding too much. <b>White hydrangeas are not affected by efforts to change bloom color.

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