Low Maintenance Plants for an Easy Outdoor Garden

Choose easy to grow plants for a low maintenance garden.

Between work and school and a plethora of life’s other stresses it can be quite difficult for the average person to make time for gardening. On the other side are those with a little more time but perhaps not the amount of experience of confidence to grow something at the risk of killing it. For both of these types of people there is a solution. The plants listed below are perfect for low stress gardening which is something most of us could use.


Succulents have certainly risen in popularity recently and for good reason. They need little to no maintenance, aren’t fussy about where or what you plant them in, and honestly they are just plain adorable. There’s just something about their plump, smooth leaves and symmetrical designs that is deeply satisfying. This stonecrop is not only pleasingly colorful, but also tends to attract butterflies. With succulents you spend less time worrying about them and can save your energy for more important things – like napping.


Ornamental Grasses

You couldn’t ask for a more relaxed plant than grass. It doesn’t need any extra pampering and shoots up at the slightest encouragement. Ornamental grasses are the best because they possess all that spunky hardiness of wild grass with the added benefit of visual appeal. After all flowers aren’t the only way to introduce color into your yard. There are plenty of colorful grasses that come in all kinds of whimsical forms. For example, if you dream of a yard that looks like a cloud of cotton candy, Pink Muhly Grass can fulfill that fantasy. If you’re looking for a dynamic garden without having to bend over backwards to achieve it, ornamental grasses are happy to take the wheel.


While we’re on the subject of effortless and spectacular plants I’d be remiss to leave out Heuchera. With foliage so vivid it warrants a second glance; its attractiveness is challenged only by its ease of growth. Georgia Peach is a personal favorite because it gives a new display every season; peach leaves in the spring, sprinkling of white flowers in summer, royal purple foliage in fall. It’s like having three amazing plants in one which is a boon for low energy gardeners. Did I mention it’s resistant to virtually every natural threat known to plant kind? Pestilence, disease, drought, and deer are no match for this dynamo of a plant. So, if you’re in the market for an appealing, near apocalypse proof perennial it’s time to get yourself some Heuchera.


These are just a few examples easy grow plants that you can try in your own garden. I encourage you go out and find the perfect one to match your energy levels. Gardening doesn’t have to be time consuming or laborious to be rewarding. Give one of these beauties a try and who knows, you just might discover your thumbs are greener than you imagined.