Hydrangeas are true garden dazzlers. Discover the secrets to their success, from nurturing their big, colorful blooms to changing their flower colors. Your garden will thrive with these showstoppers.

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A mainstay of foundation gardens for generations, hydrangea has recently expanded its look to include so many new flowering possibilities. A long-time favorite in the South, hydrangea are now available in many exciting cultivars more than capable of handling colder climates. Few blooms provide more showy appeal than hydrangea: long-blooming, with showers of magnificent clusters of colorful flowers, and still just as easy to grow. All it asks for is plenty of moisture and a sunny to partly shaded spot where it can spread out and make itself comfortable, just like we all enjoy doing in summertime. With classic blooms and endless color, Hydrangea are a fantastic addition to any garden.

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