Raise your garden's charm with clematis! Explore our clematis collection for captivating blooms, vertical elegance, and extended flowering. Discover the enchanting beauty of low-maintenance and drought-tolerant clematis in your garden today! 

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Complete your garden with the dazzling blooms and vining habit of clematis, a standard in American gardens since the 1860s. Clematis are fast and vigorous growers with flowers that present in many forms including single, semi-double, double, star-shaped, bell-shaped, open bell-shaped, tulip shaped and tubular. In a genus of about 300 species within the buttercup family, Ranunculaceae, more hybrid cultivars are being produced every year.

To successfully support your gardening ambitions, at Wayside Gardens, we sell only the highest-quality garden plants and clematis is a customer favorite. Take it from Arthur A. in Ohio (via Facebook), “They sell not only the best flowers around, their clematis collection is OUTSTANDING!”

Clematis are placed into one of three groups depending on when and how they bloom which is important to know because the group indicates when it’s time to prune. Whether you choose a container or sunny border, a fence, trellis, or arbor for vertical climbing or a horizontal expanse for meandering, clematis is a glorious presence in the garden and landscape. Pair it with climbing roses for unparalleled summer beauty or design a large planting with several different clematis varieties for an even longer display of color.

While the ASPCA lists clematis as being toxic to dogs, cats, and horses, it has a very bitter taste which may keep animals from ingesting large amounts.

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