Plant Care and Garden Guide: Echinacea to Euphorbia

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Plant Care and Garden Guide: Echinacea to Euphorbia

Plant Care and Garden Guide: From Echinacea to Euphorbia

ECHINACEA purpurea - Coneflower

PLANTING: Set plants 18 to 24 inches apart, in a sunny or lightly shaded location with a rich, well-drained soil.

MAINTENANCE: Keep plants moist but not overly wet until established. Flowering period may be extended by deadheading (removing faded blooms). Divide every 3 years. Remove chance seedlings, as they will not come true to color. Zones 3-9.

EDGEWORTHIA - Paperbush Plant

PLANTING: Set plants 5 to 7 feet apart in partial shade in a moist, deeply worked soil that is high in organic matter.

MAINTENANCE: Water regularly during dry periods. A mulch of straw, pine needles, shredded bark, or shredded leaves will help to retain soil moisture. Zones 7-9.

EPIMEDIUM - Barrenwort, BishopÔÇÖs Hat

PLANTING: Plant in a moisture-retentive, highly organic soil of acid reaction, setting plants 8 to 12 inches apart. Grows best in partial shade but will tolerate almost full shade.

MAINTENANCE: Apply a summer mulch to keep soil moist and maintain a cool root run. Trim foliage in late winter prior to commencement of new growth, to permit a better view of blooms. Zones 4-8.

ERYNGIUM - Sea Holly

PLANTING: Set plants 12 to 15 inches apart in a sunny location in well-drained, fertile soil. Soil should be enhanced with a good amount of organic material to preserve moisture and for aeration.

MAINTENANCE: Remove old flower stems after they have finished blooming. A year round mulch is quite beneficial. Zones 5-10.

EUCOMIS species

PLANTING: Outdoors. Plant one foot apart in full sun or light shade in loose, moisture retentive but well drained soil. Set the rootball an inch or so below the soil line (bulbs should be 5 to 6 inches deep). Containers: Set bulbs with the tip just below the soil surface in a good brand of packaged potting soil. Plant one bulb in a 4 to 5 inch container. Provide full sun to light shade. Water moderately til growth begins, then keep the soil evenly moist during the summer.

MAINTENANCE: Outdoors: Water regularly during hot, dry periods. Apply a light sprinkling of 5-10-5 fertilzier in early spring as new growth begins. A winter mulch of straw, needles, or chopped leaves in zones 6 and 7 will give extra protection. In colder climates where bulbs are not winter hardy, dig and store loose bulbs in a paper bag or box in a frost free area. Containers: Apply a water soluble fertilzer according to label directions during the summer months. During winter, stop watering and allow the soil to dry completely. In colder climates, move containers indoors to a frost free area in late fall and allow them to dry. Repot each spring into fresh potting soil. Zones 6-9.

EUONYMUS species and cultivars

PLANTING: Space plants to allow for ultimate growth. Euonymous is easily grown in a variety of soils. Full sun is ideal and encourages fall color, but plants will also tolerate partial shade.

MAINTENANCE: Water during periods of drought - a summer mulch will help plants conserve moisture . Bush forms may be pruned at any time to remove weak or damaged branches and maintain desired form. Zones 4-8.

EUPHORBIA species - Spurge

PLANTING: Space plants 15 to 18 inches apart to allow for ultimate growth. Any moderately fertile soil, even one on the sandy side, will do, as long as drainage is good. Choose a location in full sun or part shade in hot climates.

MAINTENANCE: E. polychroma is virtually care free and drought tolerant; once established it will require only light watering during extended dry spells. No division is necessary. We recommend a light winter mulch in zones 4 and 5. If growth becomes loose by mid summer, cut the whole plant back hard and it will regrow in a tight mound. Zones 4-10.