Garden Guide: Nandina to Osmunda

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Garden Guide: Nandina to Osmunda

Plant Care and Garden Guide: From Nandina to Osmunda

NANDINA domestica - Heavenly Bamboo

PLANTING: Set out 18 to 36 inches apart in full sun or part shade. Nandina is widely adapted to soils, but a rich, moisture retentive fertile soil with good drainage is ideal.

MAINTENANCE: To encourage optimum bushiness and vigorous growth, older canes can be cut back to the ground. Otherwise, plants will grow with little attention. Zones 6 (with protection)-9.

NEPETA species - Catmint

PLANTING: Set plants 12 to 15 inches apart in full sun, preferably in well drained soil of low fertility.

MAINTENANCE: Keep soil moderately moist, but not soggy, while plants establish themselves. Cut faded flowers to encourage second bloom. We recommend a winter mulch. Divide every 2 to 3 years to rejuvenate. Zones 3-9.

NIEREMBERGIA repens (rivularis) - Trailing Cup-flower, White Cup

PLANTING: Set out plants in late spring (after any danger of frost has passed), 8 to 12 inches apart, in filtered sun or partial shade. Choose a sandy loam that is moist but well-drained. A sunny or lightly shaded site is best.

MAINTENANCE: Keep Nierembergia well watered throughout the growing season, particularly during periods of extended drought. In zones 6 and 7 a winter mulch will help assure hardiness, though it is not reliably hardy north of New York City. Trim back after flowering to encourage bushy growth. Zones 7-9 (warm areas of 6).

OPHIOPOGON species and cultivars - Mondo Grass, LilyTurf

PLANTING: Set plants 6 to 8 inches apart. Choose a sunny location in the North, partial shade in the South. Though drought-resistant, the Lily Turf is happiest in a moist soil. A summer mulch will help to this end.

MAINTENANCE: Water during periods of drought. Divide in spring if plants become overcrowded, or to increase stock for additional plantings. Zones various.

ORIGANUM vulgare - Oregano

PLANTING: Set plants 12 inches apart in well drained soil in full sun.

MAINTENANCE: Provide extra water during drought periods. In poor soil apply a complete fertilizer or a side dressing of well rotted manure in spring. Cut for drying just before bloom. Provide mulch for winter protection in northern areas. Zones 5-9.