Growing Tips and Troubleshooting Your Fruit Tree

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Growing Tips and Troubleshooting Your Fruit Tree

Fruit Trees, But No Fruit?

A slew of things could be getting between you and the juicy, delicious fruit you were promised when you planted your fruit trees. Here are the main culprits and some tips on how to deal with these common, yet frustrating issues.

Here are a few things that might keep your tree from producing fruit.


There has been a lot in news about plummeting bee populations. Insects and birds are necessary for many plants to pollinate. The pollinators fertilize the female gametes in the flowers by brushing them with pollen from the male, effectively triggering fruit production. Put plainly: no pollination = no fruit.

Too Dry

Trees need a good, deep watering about once a week and if you are getting plenty of rain this shouldn’t be a problem. However, when dry spells rear their ugly heads, it’s up to you to take hydration matters into your own hands.

Fruit Thinning

Sometimes in the middle of the summer, trees will drop the heaviest of their fruits to prevent them from becoming overloaded by the end of the season. This can be frustrating for anyone expecting big yields from their fruit trees, but it is crucial to remember that this is a safety measure for the tree to prevent possibly fatal damage from occurring.

Things You Can Do


In the summer you can seed the dead or damaged parts- removing these allows the plant to focus on other parts. This technique is also a good way to slow the growth of an out-of-hand dwarf tree.

Fertilize and Water

Feed and water your plants properly to make sure they grow to their potential. A good slow release fertilizer is great for trees. Just work it into the soil at the beginning of the season and watch your tree grow.

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