How to Plant Your Moon Garden

white flowers on dark green shrub
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How to Plant Your Moon Garden

Choose Plants for Your Moon Gardens That Have White Flowers and Silvery Foliage

As much as we love taking in the beauty of our gardens during the day the unfortunate reality is that many of us get home from work and only have a few hours of the day left to enjoy our hard work. That is where a moon garden comes in. Adding plants that pop under the light of the moon can take your landscape to the next level. Take full advantage of your garden even when the sun goes down by planting a moon garden.

Add plants that not only shine bright during the day but also light up your garden at night to elevate your landscape and help you avoid the daytime heat. There are several keys to a successful and unique moon garden:  

  1. Bright foliage ÔÇô Leaves that reflect the moonlight and whose colors pop in the dark can take your landscape to the next level. Specimens with variegated, gold colored, or silver colored leaves look the best. Also, foliage is not only generally low maintenance, but the leaves last longer than blossoms do so you can enjoy the bright colors longer. Brunnera, 'Silver Anouk' lavender, and hostas are good option. 
  2. Light colored flowers ÔÇô A mass of white flowers has a bigger impact in the moonlight than a few scattered about. You want to focus on blooms that will show up at night so white or lightly colored flowers will work best. Plant in mass so you can get the full effect of the blooms when the sun goes down. Try growing clematis, daisy, and coreopsis
  3. Fragrant blooms ÔÇô ThereÔÇÖs nothing better than getting a sweet scent on a serene evening breeze so be sure to plant some sweetly scented blooms. Not only will you enjoy the fragrant flowers, but nighttime pollinators will too. We recommend peonies, iris, and roses for a fragrant fix!
  4. Finally, plant perennials with different bloom times so you can keep enjoying your moon garden month after month.

We Recommend:

Early Bloomers: White daffodils, rhododendron, and magnolias.

Mid-Season Bloomers: climbing hydrangea, achillea, dianthus, and deutzia.

Late Bloomers: Phlox paniculata, sweet autumn clematis, and white calicarpa.

Create an outdoor living space you can enjoy all day and night by planting a moon garden. Send us photos of your moon garden on social media and you might be featured on our feeds!