Plants to Help Repel Mosquitoes

red monarda flowers
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Plants to Help Repel Mosquitoes

Organically Repel Mosquitoes by Planting These Perennials

Warmer summer weather brings backyard grilling, beach days, and afternoons spent relaxing in the sun. But it also invites a very uninvited guest: the mosquito. These bugs are definitely annoying, but they also pose health risks.

Humans have a lot of inciting aromas that attract mosquitoes. They like the smell of the carbon dioxide emitted from our breath and the compounds in our sweat. Mosquitoes are also attracted to warm bodies, making humans the prime choice for this little pests dinner, especially in the summertime!

The chemicals in commercial bug sprays can be harmful to both you and your family. These sprays are not good for environment because they easily get into the air. For a more natural alternative, you can try adding few plants that repel mosquitoes to your garden around the house!

Pink Monarda in Patio ContainerPink Monarda in Patio Container

Also known as bee balm, this mosquito repelling plant is commonly known as wild bergamot and horsemint. Bee balm will bring many pollinators to your garden like bees, hummingbirds and butterflies but mosquitoes don’t like it. This plant is commonly used in jellies, tea and as a delicious garnish for salads and other dishes.

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Blooming Nepeta in Mixed Perennial Foundation GardenBlooming Nepeta in Mixed Perennial Foundation Garden

Nepta contains the chemical nepetalactone which is a strong mosquito repellent. This and other chemicals make it more effective than DEET, a chemical found in most insect repellents. This makes it a top choice among the list of plants that repel mosquitoes. Cats also like to rub and roll around in it, so place your plant in a cat-friendly area if possible. Nepta is easy to care for, but will spread hardily so keep an eye on it in the garden bed.

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Lavender Silver Anouk FloweringLavender Silver Anouk Flowering

This amazing smelling plant can calm your mind after a long day and drive mosquitoes far away. In addition to being a great tea ingredient, lavender can also keep away other flying pests. There are many varieties of lavender. This popular and easy to grow herb is excellent for a border, container, or rock garden and makes a beautifully aromatic hedge!

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Cranesbill Geranium PurpleCranesbill Geranium Purple

Geraniums are slightly lemon scented and can keep a handful of pests away from your home and garden. These mosquito repelling flowers have beautiful blooms and come in vibrant colors that make them great for decorating any bed or border. Did you know that scented geraniums also have a small portion of citronella oil that contributes to their mosquito repelling capacity!

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Clove of Garlic with Herbs BehindClove of Garlic with Herbs Behind


Garlic’s pungent smell is a deterrent for mosquitoes. Consuming garlic can mildly repel mosquitoes. Squeezing and rubbing the juice directly on your skin can also keep mosquitoes at bay, but it’ll also keep everyone else away as well so maybe save this one for a last resort!

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These plants work best if placed closest to the area you want to deter mosquitoes. Areas to keep in mind include windows, doors, walkways, seating areas and dining areas. Some plants work better when leaves are rubbed directly on the skin, but this is not advisable for all plants! Some of these plants work best in pots and planters since this allows you to easily move the plants around your home. On the other hand, other plants work better in the garden since they repel multiple types of insects (and therefore they work as a natural insecticide for your garden bed). Wherever you plant them they will make your outdoor summer activities even more enjoyable as they warn off pesky mosquitoes.