Articles by Jess Zander, your Garden Coach

With a lifelong passion for gardening and a practical approach, Jess dedicates herself to empowering gardeners of all skill levels. From beginners eager to dig their first plot to seasoned gardeners looking to refine their craft, Jess guides you with practical advice and hands-on tips.

Expertise & Experience: Gardening since the 1990s, Jess specializes in helping people feel more confident with plant care. Her approach is all about making gardening accessible and enjoyable. Whether itÔÇÖs choosing the right plants for your climate or mastering pruning techniques, she covers it all with easy-to-follow guidance.
Authoritative & Trustworthy: Jess instructs and guides at Boston-area universities and farms, sharing real-time gardening successes and challenges, offering you the most current and practical advice.

Community & Inspiration: Join a growing community of enthusiastic gardeners who share a passion for nurturing nature. Jess believes that gardening is a journey of continuous learning and joy. Let's make your garden a source of pride and tranquility together.