Hydrangea Care Videos

Hydrangea Care Videos
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Hydrangea Care Videos

Hydrangea Care from @YouCanDoItGardening

Every once in a while you find a resource you connect with online. Someone who takes an approach similar to yours with gardening. In this case it's "try it, learn from it, and try again." That's one of the reasons we're thrilled to be working with Instagram influencer @YouCanDoItGardening! Hydrangeas are popular but often cause confusion ... When do I prune? Will my hydrangea grow in shade? What is the best hydrangea type for my Zone? We'll provide the answers to these frequently asked hydrangea questions in this 3-part series of video shorts. 

Jess @YouCanDoItGardening is a self-taught garden coach in Zone 6 who tells it like it is, makes you smile, and gives great garden advice. So watch these insightful hydrangea care videos, find the right hydrangea for your garden location, and share your photos with us. Nothing makes us happier than seeing our plant offspring thriving in your garden.

Limelight Panicle Hydrangea

Oakleaf Hydrangea

Serrata/Mountain Hydrangea

Hydrangeas are versatile and colorful shrubs. Plant them in swathes throughout your landscape or let them show off in perennial borders. Whether you're admiring the blooms in the landscpae or vase, these bold perennials command attention. 

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