Extend the Life of Cut Flowers in Hydrangea Arrangements

purple hydrangea flowers beginning to bloom
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Extend the Life of Cut Flowers in Hydrangea Arrangements

Hydrangea Arrangements Are Beautiful in the Garden and the Vase

Follow these tips to extend the bloom and make the most of your cut hydrangea arrangements.

  • Cut the hydrangea flowers for bouquets just as blooms fully develop.
  • Cut your flowers in the early morning, before the sun comes up to evaporate some of their moisture.
  • Cut stems on a diagonal to allow the stem to take in the most amount of water, some people will even cut slits or fray the ends of the stems a little.
  • Place your freshly cut hydrangea flowers in a bucket of cool water to soak for an hour or two before arranging your hydrangea bouquet.
  • Use a commercial floral preservative to get the best results. This will feed your flowers, maintain a constant pH, and will serve as an anti-microbial to prevent premature decay. You should be able to find this at a local nursery. Make your own cut hydrangea flower and floral preservative.
  • Keep in mind that many gardeners and florists complain that hydrangeas wilt faster than other cut flowers and may require a little extra planning.
  • Keep it out of drafty areas and direct sunlight to prevent the flowers in your hydrangea bouquet from drying out quickly. Hydrangeas need lots of water.

Take time to sit back and admire your hydrangea bouquet and enjoy your beautiful, new decor.

What Pairs Well and Looks Fabulous in Hydrangea Bouquets?

  • White hydrangea arrangements look exceptional with springs of lavender, and smell terrific, too.
  • Try pairing two pink hydrangeas with a green hydrangea in a short glass vase. Experiment with combinations of three blooms to find your favorite hydrangea color grouping.
  • Hellebores are ideal companions for hydrangeas in cut flower arrangements because of their contrasting flower forms.
  • A collection of 'Annabelle' hydrangea flowers look great in gold and amber vases.
  • Try the complementary grouping of hydrangeas, dahlis, and savlia for a colorful and varied and colorful hydrangea bouquet.
  • Clematis and hydrangea flowers make a gorgeous combination. 

What is your favorite hydrangea arrangment?

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