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Q: Can I order directly from the pages of my catalog?
Placing An Order A: Absolutely, it's a snap! Just click here to fill out our Catalog Quick Order form.

Q: Why are my shipping and handling charges different from your shipping and handling chart?
A: Shipping charges are applied to item retail prices before any special bonuses or discounts are applied. The shipping charge for free items is calculated by the retail price of the free item and will be charged to your credit card when the free item ships.

Q: Why is my certificate/coupon/credit not reflected in my e-mail confirmations?
A: Our order and shipment confirmations reflect the order total excluding pay types. Because certificates, credits, and coupons are applied to the order as a type of payment, like a Visa or Mastercard, you would not see these discounts reflected on your confirmation. The "Amount Charged" refers both to the amount charged to your merchandise credit, gift certificate, or coupon and the amount charged to your credit card.

Q: How do I redeem my bonus code?
A: To redeem a bonus code, enter the bonus code number into the box labeled "Enter Bonus Codes Here" in your shopping cart. Only one bonus code is allowed per order. Current bonus codes may be applied to new orders only.

Q: How do I redeem my Gift Certificate or Merchandise Credit?
A: To redeem a gift certificate or merchandise credit, enter the gift certificate or merchandise credit number into the box labeled "Gift Certificate or Merchandise Credit" located on the Payment Info page. Only one gift certificate and/or merchandise credit is applicable per online order. If you are applying more than one certificate or credit, you may e-mail us at to have the additional certificates or credits applied. When contacting us, please be prepared to provide your order number and gift certificate/merchandise credit number.

Q: Why are the newsletter special prices not reflected in my shopping cart?
A: To receive the specials advertised in our newsletter, enter the bonus code into the box labeled "Enter Bonus Codes Here" in your shopping cart. The bonus code to be applied should be located in the heading or body of the newsletter mailing.

Q:Why have items disappeared from my shopping cart?
A: Cookies help us identify registered users and store products placed in your Shopping Cart. To use the site effectively, cookies must be enabled. When cookies are not enabled, you may see a message telling you that your search results have expired or items may disappear from your Shopping Cart as you navigate the site.

You can overcome this problem by setting Internet Explorer to always accept cookies from Go to Tools/Internet Options select the "Privacy" tab. In the "Web Sites" section click "Edit." Type and click "Allow." Click "OK" and you are done. If you are using another browser, look in preferences for cookie settings. (You might want to keep this window open while you do this to refer to these instructions!)

If you use an online webmail service (Hotmail, etc.), you may experience cookie problems when you click to our site from an e-mail message. These problems happen because Internet Explorer often blocks the cookies our site uses to maintain a session when you click from an online webmail service that displays our webpage within theirs. If you suspect that this has happened to you, follow the instructions above.

Q: What is my hardiness zone?
A: To locate your Hardiness Zone, click here to use our Zone Finder. Hardiness Zone information is provided for all of our biennials, perennials, bulbs, trees, and shrubs. Plants are well adapted for growing in their listed zones. (Ex. A plant listed for Zones 3 - 8, should thrive in zones 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8.)

Q: How do I shop for my hardiness zone?
A: Once you have located your hardiness zone, you may enter the word "Zone" and your hardiness zone number into the Search Box, located in the left-hand menu of our Web site, and select "Go" (Ex. Zone 7). All products included in the search results should thrive in the zone specified.

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